Dolly Costello, Ph.D.

Since 1979, Dolly has integrated her studies in psychology, neuropsychology, and transformational work to assist people to create a mindset of possibility and generate solutions for complex issues. There is no problem that cannot be solved through authentic communication. Dolly creates an atmosphere in which people notice the “everydayness” of their work habits. By transforming their experience of work, people report a shift in the depth and level of conversations with individuals and within teams and groups. With an expanded perspective-taking ability and freedom to engage in open dialogue, her clients see new possibilities and take bold actions. The shifts in communication, collaboration, and actions among employees produce innovative and extraordinary results within the organization. Additionally, her clients reveal deepened communication and intimacy in their personal relationships.

When not engaged in supporting individuals in transformational work, Dolly loves to travel internationally. Dr. Dolly “clowns around” with Patch Adams on his humanitarian clown tours. As Dolly, the Star-spangled Banner clown, she provides a hero’s welcome to veterans who were honored in Washington, D.C.

Dolly’s commitment is that all people create extraordinary lives with an enthusiasm and passion beyond life’s “everydayness.”

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