3 Subtle Ways that Entrepreneurs Sabotage Their Own Business

As a business owner or entrepreneur, are you aware of the ways that you might be sabotaging your own success? Too often, people make critical mistakes that slow their progress… and they aren’t aware of the sabotaging effects that are occurring from these patterns.

Today, I am sharing the top three mistakes that sabotage success, as well as tools that you can use to overcome these issues:

Mistake #1: Lack of Commitment

Culturally, our society puts a high value on commitment. So, it might seem like an insult to be told that you are lacking in commitment. But the truth is that you are either in or you’re out – there are no degrees of commitment.

When you say you are going to take a particular course of action and fail to follow through, then you are putting a roadblock on your path to success. Even though you can’t guarantee any outcomes, being committed and following through with these actions increases the likelihood of success going forward.

Do This Instead: Identify what you are actually committed to (in action), and what you are pretending to be committed to (not in action). Jettison the latter. They’re “good ideas” not commitments.

Mistake #2: Sacrificing Integrity

Another common mistake that often comes up is when entrepreneurs sacrifice the things that matter most to them. Integrity means that you honor your promises and your word. Choose who you are going to be, then make sure that every aspect of your life aligns with these choices.

The problem with not managing your integrity is that it damages who you are. Remember that your clients, employees, business contacts, and all other people are relating to you because of who you say you are. If there are inconsistencies in your integrity and the way you are showing up, then it is taking a toll on relationships – which can negatively impact your success.

Do This Instead: Get clear on your values – who you say you are. Write them down. Then, identify gaps where you are not holding to these standards and start honoring your word.

Mistake #3: Lack of Connection

The level of connection you have in your personal and business life has a direct impact on your success. The problem is that many people have self-protection habits to avoid deep connections. Past experiences have resulted in pain and upset, so these unconscious strategies keep relationships shallow to prevent us from being hurt, embarrassed, or disappointed.

If you aren’t connecting, then you are robbed of joy and satisfaction. Additionally, there are blind spots that might be hindering your progress.

Do This Instead: Find gratitude in the connections that you have. Look for ways to foster those relationships and show up more authentically with everyone in your life.

A Personalized Path to Success

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