Effective Action Consulting puts you on a new road to prosperity.

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Effective Action Consulting puts you on a new road to prosperity.


Effective Action Consulting puts you on a new road to prosperity.

Executive Coaching

Stay ahead of the competition. Stay ahead of the market and stay ahead of the breakdowns that show up inside
your organization.

Management Consulting

Your organization is a network of conversations that pass up and down the management chain. It’s critical that these conversations be effective.

Sales Performance

Successful sales begins with developing a powerful connection with the prospect. When we are disconnected we are separate and the prospect feels it.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is working only when you and your team are taking action to fulfill its vision, taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

Who We Are

We are mentors and trusted advisors offering a wide range of critical business and leadership skills. We excel at thinking innovatively.

Our goal is to have you see what is possible, and then work with you to achieve it. Our process transforms your story and together we create a vision of new possibilities.

What We Stand For

We stand for organizations that thrive, that adapt easily to changing market conditions to provide value to
all stakeholders.

Meet The Team


Saeed Seyed

Estefanía Hermosillo


Phil Cisneros


Richie Perez


“…amazingly perceptive…”

"Jim is an amazingly perceptive business coach, with a rare ability to see beneath the surface of the business issues one is dealing with and bring a deeper level of clarity to one’s vision. By getting clear on what was stopping me, I was able to refocus my energy on the vision of the business and to take the daily steps to move towards it. If you are starting or trying to grow a business and want to move with speed and purpose towards your dreams, I strongly recommend Jim McLaughlin as a coach and mentor."

Edward Rholl
Chief Executive Officer

" extremely powerful, and transformative experience..."

"I highly recommend Phil Cisneros, not only as a consultant, but as a highly effective, perceptive, and intelligent human being.

"Phil contacted me a few years ago to inform me about an effectiveness course he was leading named Mission Control. What seemed to be, at best an informative interruption in my day, ended up being an extremely powerful, and transformative experience for me which started me on an unexpected path to growth and development, not only in my business but in my personal life as well. After all, I find that who I am being and how I am acting both at home and at work are extremely interrelated.

"Subsequent to Mission Control, I hired Phil as a consultant. Thanks to his support, his coaching, and his patient and diligent listening, I have been able to produce excellent results. In the last 18 months, my business is up over 30% and my relationship with my wife is the best and most satisfying it has ever been.

"I consider Phil as my coach and as my friend. He’s simply a joy to work with."

Shahin Dardashty
United Pacific Designs

“…uncompromisingly powerful…”

"I found the leaders of this course, Margaret and Jim, to be uncompromisingly powerful in their delivery of the material and their coaching to individuals in the course, never trying to be ‘nice’ or soft. They were even willing to disclose their personal foibles without losing their effectiveness. In fact, by being authentic themselves, they gained power to ask the participants to be authentic."

Robert S. Kramarz
Founder, Intelliversity
Member, Tech Coast Angels

"...a vastly improved capacity for dealing with our businesses..."

"It really has come as no surprise to me that during my time coaching with Chet that in every aspect of my life I have experienced marked improvement. Including, but not limited to a more fulfilling and loving relationship with my wife, increased fitness, a greater appreciation for the simple things in life, and a vastly improved capacity for dealing with our businesses during this particularly dynamic and ever changing environment. In short…life is good! Thank you, Chet."

Peter Laurie
Backeddy Resort & Marina

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves."

― Lao Tzu

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