We are mentors and trusted advisors offering a wide range of critical business and leadership skills. We excel at thinking innovatively. Our goal is to have you see what is possible — and then work with you to achieve it. Our process transforms your story and together we create a vision of new possibilities.

Meet the Effective Action Consulting Team

Dianne Morrison

Dianne has been working with business leaders to transform their companies and their lives for over 25 years. Literally thousands of individuals have seen positive results through her personal coaching and programs.

Jim McLaughlin

Jim works with people to identify and articulate goals, projects and strategies that fulfill their business objectives. He helps identify obstacles to success and create a
plan for working beyond them.

Chet Burgess

Chet has been exploring technology since the 70’s and transformation since the 80’s, and has long been engaged in bringing those worlds together. He uses a variety of communication technologies to support conversation.

Saeed Seyed

Saeed leads by instilling leadership in individuals and collaboration in teams with domain expertise in technology design, operations, and delivery. He brings over 30 years of global leadership and management experience with a technology background in telecommunications, computing, and graphics.

Phil Cisneros

Phil Cisneros has been leading workshops and consulting businesses and executives for over 20 years. He was an educator for over 22 years and taught every grade from kindergarten to college. He is an active leader in the field of transformation and has impacted the lives of many.

Richie Perez

Richie specializes in helping individuals, teams and organizations create new futures. He is dedicated to providing clarity in the V.U.C.A. - volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous - landscape of the business world.

Estefanía has made it her life's work to bring transformation to people. She is someone who makes a profound and direct impact in service of a world that works for everyone. Her coaching is impactful and lasting to bring about a transformation in your life and those around you.

Our Clients

We have clients from many different industries. We help our clients achieve breakthrough results regardless of
what industry they’re in.