All Is Well

All Is Well

Steven Pinker shares some valuable insights in his book “Rationality” – breaking down the difference between being rational and optimistic. Even by applying positive thinking in life, it’s essential to infuse a rational perspective into a person’s point of view.

All too often, it’s easier to buy into a story or narrative rather than see reality for yourself. According to Steven Pinker, “We are storytelling animals. We spin narratives… to make sense of the world.” What stories are you holding onto that are impacting action, decisions, and results?

In business, these stories can be detrimental to success, which is why rationality and critical thinking are vital. When you are acting rationally, it creates the perfect conditions for making decisions from a solid foundation.

Data-Driven Decisions for Successful Results

Steven Pinker shares a profound insight:

“I don’t consider myself an optimist, I consider myself someone who looks at data rather than headlines.”

He points out that “Headlines are a non-random sample of the worst things happening on Earth at any given time.” Getting caught up in the news cycle and reading through the negative headlines can have an undeniable, detrimental impact on mindset – which impacts success.

Instead of making emotional decisions based on the doom-and-gloom news headlines, it’s better to step back and focus on tangible factors such as data. This process shifts you from the knee-jerk reaction back into a rational approach that is based on truth.

Shifting the Narrative: from Story Telling to Truth

Whether you are focused on what’s happening with the economy or within your organization, there is always an opportunity to control the narrative.

The first step is awareness. When people are unaware of their circumstances, they will not see the need to change. Awareness allows one to identify areas of weakness and separate stories from reality.

You need to know where you are right now before determining a pathway to change. When you reach the point where you can distinguish the narrative from the truth, then you are more than halfway to a solution.

Our work is about having you see new possibilities for the challenges you face. At the same time, this awareness sets the foundation for the kind of growth you’re committed to that leads to ultimate success in the long run.

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