Be uncomfortable…really?

You’ve probably heard this one before: “To be outstanding, get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Huh? That’s like saying “Get happy being depressed.” Or, “Life is hard. Get used to suffering.”

No thanks.

I understand that significant performance jumps (breakthroughs) may come from doing things that are outside your so-called comfort zone, but do you really shine when you’re uncomfortable?

Breakthroughs come from discovering what makes you uncomfortable about the situation, and challenging that. The answer isn’t “fear,” but that can point the way.

The key

The key is not to get outside your comfort zone, but to expand it so you can be more powerful in more situations. A leader is someone who can deal with any situation under any conditions, and not lose their power.

Try it:
Pick a situation that makes you uncomfortable.
Ask, what’s the underlying truth about this situation and my relationship to it?
Then challenge that truth. Ask, is this really true?

What would you do if it wasn’t?

Do that…unless it’s illegal, immoral or unethical, of course.