Count Your Lemons!

Recognize this? That’s right, it’s a lemon. But did you also know that it’s an insecticide, and a disinfectant, and a battery if you put electrodes in it? It’s also a source of revenue for farmers, pickers, packers, truckers, grocers, cashiers, and even for my 10-year-old son who likes to do lemonade stands.

So, what does this have to do with business coaching? Well, we look at a lot of things in our life like they’re only one thing – challenges, other people, situations – when in fact there are many other ways to look at what’s possible in a particular situation.

So take a look at things in your life that you can only see one way, particularly those difficult business challenges and see if you can re-frame them, or look at them in a different way, and see if something else is possible.

My name is Jim McLaughlin, and I’m inviting you to get off the treadmill and GO somewhere.

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