Don’t Rely on Your Brain

Don't Rely on Your Brain

In our modern world, the busy schedule seems to rule every aspect of business and life. There are many details to remember and distractions that keep us from adhering to the most important meetings and factors that matter.

While it might seem simple to make a mental note about a meeting or conversation with a client, if you are relying on your brain to remember, then it will likely cause breakdowns in your life. Depending on your brain for reminders means you are moving forward on shaky ground.

Never Make This Excuse: I Forgot

Relying on your brain to remember, and to remind you, is going to cause breakdowns in your life. If you didn’t do something, it should never be because “I forgot.” You will never perform at a level you’ll be happy with by relying on your brain. It’s just not that reliable. Sorry.

“I forgot” might be true when you drop the ball. But it’s not a good enough excuse, especially because there are tools and systems that can keep you at the top of your game with ongoing reminders that keep you ahead of the curve.

Overcoming a Sloppy or Lazy Approach

We are always making promises and agreements: everything from meeting a coworker for lunch to following up with a client about their order. It’s common for a person to get sloppy when things are going gangbusters. For example, you might find yourself saying “yes” in the rush of a moment because it’s faster or easier so that you can move on to the next thing.

Or, laziness can be a hindrance that stops a person from writing things down or scheduling them on the calendar. In the moment, it doesn’t seem like an important step to put in the action item on your calendar.

How often do you say or think, “I’ll remember,” then forget to follow through? If you are making a mental note instead of implementing a reminder, then it means that you are setting yourself up for failure.

Integrity: If You Commit, Then Always Write It Down

Never make the mistake of committing to something without writing it down. The process of writing the action step down not only puts emphasis on your promise to follow through but also influences the way you use available time. Be proactive about putting time on your calendar or designing a plan to help you accomplish this task.

This approach is an integral part of integrity. Even though the word integrity is thrown around in regular conversation, it is actually a term of art in our field.

Integrity has special and precise meaning beyond ordinary, everyday use in society. Integrity is a source of power. When you are living with integrity, it means you are acting from a place of commitment and action.

Are you interested in exploring how elevated integrity can support your business? Then it’s time to reach out to our team at Effective Action Consulting. We’ll set up a time to meet to discuss your needs and how integrity will make a difference in your career or business results.