Factors That Influence Happiness and Life Satisfaction

Factors That Influence Happiness and Life Satisfaction

Did you know that genetics play a major role in your happiness? It has been suggested that 50% of a person’s happiness is determined by genetics… you were born that way!

On the other hand, many people are surprised to learn that only about 10% of happiness is determined by life conditions and circumstances.

Finding Happiness Now – Don’t Wait for the Future

It’s interesting to see how many people look for happiness outside themselves. When you are feeling unhappy, the automatic response is to look at life circumstances that need to be changed so you can start feeling better.

Too often, it’s easy to get stuck in the trap of thinking that you will be happy when you achieve a particular goal or reach a specific chapter in life.

  • If I move into a new home… then I will be happy.
  • When I get a promotion at work… then I will be happy.
  • If I get a raise… then I will be happy.
  • When I get a new job… then I will be happy

But it doesn’t really work that way. No matter your daily routines and work responsibilities, there are always going to be problems that come up and issues that can affect your happiness. If you are waiting for circumstances to change, then it means that you are giving your power away to factors that are outside of your control.

40% of Happiness Is Determined by Your Thoughts

The truth is that 40% of happiness is determined by thoughts you are thinking throughout the day. What are the patterns that are happening in your mind? These things will bring happiness, or cause disruption on your pathway to find happiness. 

What you are thinking about has an undeniable impact on how you are achieving and accomplishing in your life. When you are managing your thoughts and focusing on a productive mindset, it shows up in the way you are working and making a difference on the job. As a result, happiness increases, and managers start to notice.

While goal setting is important, the most important change you can make to improve happiness and boost your success is to get in touch with your thought patterns. The inner changes you make will have an impact on the outer results you are achieving.

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