Finding Ways to Fail

One commonly held belief in our society is that failure should be avoided at all costs. This idea isn’t even questioned: most people will agree that they don’t want to be the one who fails in their career, relationships, sports, or any other aspects of life.

How much have your actions been limited because you believed that failure is not an option? It’s likely that decisions and opportunities have been substantially hindered if you are scared to take action because you think that failure might be a possibility.

The Consequence of Fearing Failure

Look at the bigger picture and you will see that there are big consequences to having a fear of failure. If you are making choices with the goal of avoiding failure, then it means that you are living with blinders on.

As a result, you won’t see opportunities. You won’t take chances.

You will continue living without reaching your fullest potential. Because expansive growth usually means stepping outside of your comfort zone, and a risk of failure is always a possibility as you step into the unknown.

Changing the Narrative

But, what if we changed this cultural narrative? The truth is that failure is how we learn. Everyone is going to fail multiple times in life – why not embrace it and use the experience as an educational opportunity to improve yourself?

Instead of holding tight to the idea that failure is not an option, it’s time to shift this narrative to something new. The new reality you are going to choose is to “fail forward” – using failure as a stepping stone in your journey.

Embracing Failure as Your New Way of Living

There’s no way to quantify the potential upside of embracing failure. Look back on your life and identify the biggest failures you’ve experienced. It’s likely that these failures led to great results down the road because they put you on an entirely new path.

More often than not, the new path you find after failure is even more fulfilling and satisfying than you could have imagined.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, learning how to fail is an essential skill. Your relationship to failure is part of the landscape as you try different things to figure out what is working for your business efforts.

The key is maintaining a commitment to success, while understanding that failure is part of the journey.

Ready to Shift Your Perspective About Failure?

Pay attention to your thought patterns: do you see that you spend more time and energy on negative thinking, such as doubt and worry? It’s likely that these thoughts are driving your narrative because you are afraid to fail.

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