How to Minimize Noise and Distraction in Your Life

How to Minimize Noise and Distraction in Your Life

One day at a conference, in the middle of a captivating presentation, a commotion out in the hallway stole the attention of nearly everyone in the room.

The speaker paused and said: “I don’t mind the noise. You know, if you are going to have a baby, you’d better not mind the noise.”

There is an undeniable business coaching lesson in this comment! Where do you have noise in your life that is distracting from your business goals and daily responsibilities? It doesn’t matter if you are working to improve your career track or birthing a new business idea: distraction and noise can be your downfall.

A Little Noise Can Get in the Way of Your Biz Goals

If you want to boost your results and goals, take time to assess where you have noises and distractions that are getting in the way of your progress. Open your eyes and look around. Where is there “noise” that is taking you off track each day?

Noise can be things you hear with your ears, such as loud music or a crying baby, making it challenging to focus on a project. Or, “noise” can be other forms of distractions that take your eye off the prize: social media, television, food, substances, and more. When you aren’t motivated to work on your project, how often do you turn to other things to fill your time instead?

For example, you might have a specific sales goal that you want to meet. But when it’s time to make sales calls, it’s easy to pick up your cell phone and start scrolling social media instead of making the calls. Small, seemingly innocent choices add up over time, eventually resulting in a situation where you are losing hours of productive work each week.

Self-Talk: Noise in Your Head

Another noise affecting your success is which thoughts you allow throughout the day. Do you often have self-defeating thoughts that keep you stuck in old patterns? Eliminate this noise, and you will see an immediate difference in your actions, which has an impact on the long-term results you can achieve.

Ultimately, the goal is to ignore the noise and stay focused on the things that matter most. Take some time to assess your life and identify the areas where you are most distracted right now. Then commit to making small changes so you can minimize these noises and distractions.

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