Leaning Into Discomfort to Fuel Personal Growth

Leaning Into Discomfort to Fuel Personal Growth

You’ll hear this concept in books and from motivational speakers: growth happens when you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It’s easier said than done, right?!

Most people don’t want to live in a way that they are experiencing ongoing suffering and discomfort. In fact, it’s human nature to move out of discomfort and find ways to alleviate the uneasiness.

But there is truth to the fact that as long as you are pursuing comfort, then it means that you will continue doing the same things and you are going to get the same results.

If you are looking to create change in your life, then it’s necessary to consider how your comfort zone is affecting your daily habits and routines – and how these patterns are affecting your outcomes.

Can You Shine Outside Your Comfort Zone?

Logically, it makes sense that performance improvements only happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. In the same way an intensive weight lifting session creates micro-injuries that build muscle, activities that push your comfort zone help to expand your mind.

The challenge is that most people don’t feel like they can shine and thrive in this discomfort.

As a result, it’s common that the first step needs to be an effort to become more at ease while sitting in discomfort. The more you participate in things that feel uncomfortable, the more you can find peace and train your mind to not only survive, but THRIVE, in discomfort.

Expanding Your Comfort Zone is Key

Instead of feeling the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone, another alternative is to look for ways to expand your comfort zone so you are more confident in a wider variety of situations. The more you can thrive in many different circumstances, the more you can grow your mindset and develop better habits that lead to success.

Here’s a quick tutorial that gives you power over your comfort zone and helps you uplevel your performance:

  • Choose something that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Reflect on the situation: What is the truth and reality about the circumstances? What is the underlying emotion and thought that is making you uncomfortable? How are past experiences and your current relationship with the situation driving your discomfort?
  • Ask yourself: Is this really true? If it’s not true, then what would you do? Take that action, as long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical!

As you dig deep and look at the situation from an open-minded perspective, it’s common to find that discomfort comes from the limitations within the mind. Breaking free of these thought patterns allows you to move forward unhindered.

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