Making (and Keeping) Promises to Yourself

Making (and Keeping) Promises to Yourself

Many people agree: the most difficult promises to keep are those made to ourselves. How often do you set goals, only to find that these personal commitments fall to the back burner? Logically, you know these goals can make a difference in your business results. But, when it comes to the daily implementation, it’s hard to follow-through with the steps that lead to the desired results.

There is an undeniable cost when you aren’t keeping promises to yourself. Not only do you fall short of your goals, but it can also take a toll on self-confidence, stress levels, and productivity.

Strategy for Sticking to Your Goals

How do you follow through with the goals and promises you make to yourself? Here is a simple strategy that can keep you moving in the right direction:

  • Clarity: Start by getting clarity on the results that you desire. What do you want to create in your business or career? What problems are you trying to overcome? Clarity can help you decide on the goals that will have the biggest impact on your outcomes.
  • Write it Down: Take a moment to write a list of your personal and business goals. What are the tasks and actions you have been promising yourself to complete but haven’t gotten to them yet? Writing down these goals will give you a place to refer back to as often as needed.
  • Pick a Focus: Once you have this written list, then pick one focus each month and put in the work to make it happen. Choosing one focus at a time makes it easier to accomplish since all your efforts are directed in one place.
  • Break It Down: Many times, bigger goals are more achievable when you break them into bite-sized pieces. Identify the smaller actions that will lead to the desired results. For example, if you want to bring in a certain amount of money in sales commissions, then commit to completing a predetermined number of appointments daily and weekly. These actions lead to the results you want to achieve.
  • Stay Consistent: Build in rewards and motivations to keep you consistent. One option is to work with an accountability partner who can offer support and keep you on track when you feel unmotivated. Set up milestones along the way where you can reward yourself and celebrate the smaller successes.

If you need help sticking to your personal promises and following through with your business goals, then Effective Action Consulting is here to assist. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!