The Two Most Important Things: The Present Moment, and Your Plan

While pursuing a simpler life, I was struck by a crystallizing thought – one that peeled back the layers of complexity, so it became my new reality. The realization that there are only two things to think about: the present moment and a plan for the future.

Everything else, outside of these two things, doesn’t matter. The rest is just noise and distraction that is keeping you from the things that really matter.

When I realized these priorities, everything else fell away. These things didn’t matter anymore.

All We Have Is the Present Moment

A common saying in the personal development industry is: all we have is the present moment. You can’t do anything to change the past. And you don’t have any control over what will happen in the future.

The only thing you can control is what you are choosing at this very moment. Then it moves on to the next moment, the next, and so on.

While this concept is true, it is missing a very important piece of the puzzle: purpose. You can be present in the moment, but the possibilities will be limited if you are without purpose. Lacking purpose creates a situation of going with the flow, which takes out the inspiration and urgency to maximize the present moment.

How Action Changes When You Have a Plan

How can you make a difference in the world without a plan? Creating a plan infuses purpose into the present moment, helping propel your actions to contribute to a better future.

Your plan may take different forms or shapes, depending on your personal preferences and what you want to build:

  • Your Goals and Dreams
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Your Higher Purpose
  • Your Highest and Best Good

Use the present moment to take a peek into the future. Then, align your plan with what you want to create in your life.

Powerful Combination: Present Moment and a Plan

Crafting your vision and desires for the future is essential because the plan brings purpose into the present moment.

Live in the moment. Live your plan. Release everything else.

This process keeps you focused on the things that really matter. Then, competing priorities and distractions fall away. How are you spending your productive hours each day? Are you maximizing the use of your time?

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