What Limitations Are in Your Comfort Zone?

I was recently at the gym, and a friend told me: “It’s good to see you getting out of your comfort zone.”

The statement caught me off guard and left me speechless. As I considered my response, I came up blank so I just looked at her and smiled. Then, some interesting thoughts began to emerge. In that moment, something dawned on me – something ironic. I realized that it’s really not all that comfortable in my comfort zone.

In fact, I realized that my comfort zone was actually a bit stifling.

As humans, we often default to our comfort zone because patterns and thoughts keep us in the same place. The mind is working to keep up “safe,” and safety is found in what we already know. The brain perceives change as a threat due to the unknown factors that might be encountered on the other side.

The truth is that there are limitations that exist as a result of staying in your comfort zone. These limitations hinder growth and opportunity. These limitations create a juxtaposition of discomfort when you are in the comfort zone.

Where Power is Unleashed

George Carlin was reflecting on his career in an interview, and he said: “You know, sometimes it’s important to not give a shit.” Take a moment to explore that thought, and you’ll likely find it profoundly liberating.

When you truly understand what it means, this is the point where your power is unleashed.

Of course, you are still responsible for your actions. There is still a choice in the things that you say and do. But you have more freedom to find authenticity and new opportunities when you step out of your comfort zone and stop “giving a shit.”

What Causes Me Discomfort?

I’ve asked myself what causes me discomfort, and this is what I’ve discovered – I experience discomfort the most when I am letting people down or being a disappointment to others.

But the truth is that it’s going to happen. So, instead of trying to not let others down, we need to learn how to get good at cleaning up the messes.

When I am on a noble mission with a sincere intention to serve others, I start “getting in my own way” the moment I start being overly concerned with what other people think.

Continuing the Conversation

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