What was the first promise you broke today?

Was it when the alarm clock went off?

Wow. Starting the day with a broken promise. Nice.

“What promise? I didn’t make a promise,” you retort.

Sure you did. You set your alarm, making an agreement with yourself to get up at a certain time.

Then the alarm goes off and the justifications and rationalizations start flowing for why it somehow makes sense to not keep your promise.

How “ordinary” of you.¬†Have a nice day.

P.S. Okay, perhaps that was a little harsh. But if you live your life like some promises matter and some promises don’t you may be sabotaging yourself and letting others down. You know in your heart you want to serve others, to rise above, and to leave a legacy.

Start your day by keeping your first promise, and then your second : going to the gym, eating a healthy breakfast, etc. See how long you can keep it up. More importantly, notice the difference it makes in your life.