What’s beyond your comfort zone?

It really takes something to be in business, and sometimes it takes a lot. At the very least it takes courage, confidence, persistence and focus, and I’m sure you’ve heard many times it often requires you to get outside your comfort zone. But what does that really mean? It can mean facing your fears, but no one is at their best when they’re facing your fears.

Consider this. Consider that when you’re at the edge of your comfort zone it’s simply that what’s in front of you is unfamiliar. What’s behind you is familiar. It may not be even that comfortable, but it’s familiar so it seems comfortable. Instead try this. When you’re looking out into the unfamiliar, be curious about it. Let your vision and your goals your road map and move forward with curiosity and explore with confidence. My name is Jim McLaughlin and I invite you to get off the treadmill and go somewhere.