Why Business Owners Need to Take People “Out of the Box”

Why Business Owners Need to Take People Out of the Box

When you are running a business, it makes sense to focus on the numbers and ensure you are reaching specific goals. The problem is that this approach can shift perspective, causing a business owner to see people as a means to an end. Customers are objects to help the company reach an end goal.

While there is utility and purpose in this approach, it’s essential to understand how you are limiting yourself and your business. This mindset is likely affecting your current outcomes and will have an impact in the future.

People vs. Objects

Objects all have fixed properties: color, texture, softness or hardness, smooth or course, flexible or rigid, and more. You can describe the object based on the way it feels and looks. These items are fixed and consistent, so the description remains the same.

But how often do we ascribe these terms to people? Customers, employees, colleagues, and more.

Categorization can shift people into objects. This viewpoint then changes the way a business interacts with the customers, taking away the personal touch that is so critical for standing out in the industry.

Taking People Out of the Box

Every business owner needs to disrupt the common tendency of seeing customers or people as objects. Remember they don’t have fixed properties! Instead, view people as an opening or opportunity. This approach expands the viewpoint. It takes people out of the “box” you’ve put them in.

As people come out of the box, it allows the spaciousness and opportunity for the person to unleash their self-expression and talent. Not only is it good for the person, but it is also good for business.

A New Approach for Your Business

Taking people “out of the box” might feel counter-intuitive. But this approach might be just what you need to better care for your customers, which has a positive impact on your business.

The smallest changes can have an undeniable impact on helping you overcome blind spots and expand the outcomes you can achieve.

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