Your State of Happiness.

Did you know that your level of happiness is determined 50% by your genetics? You’re born that way. What’s probably more surprising is that only 10% is determined by the circumstances and conditions of your life.

But don’t we act like: when I get there…THEN I’ll be happy; when I get that promotion…THEN I’ll be happy; when the economy recovers…THEN I’ll be happy. But it doesn’t really work that way. We’re born with this set point, our default setting for happiness and it’s influenced by the conditions and circumstances, good or bad, but we always returned to this sort of set point. So that’s 60% of our happiness.

That leaves a whole 40% to deal with. What is that? That’s determined by what we’re doing and what we are thinking about on a regular basis, on a day-to-day basis. These are the things that bring us happiness, the activities that we enjoy and the things we’re thinking about accomplishing and achieving in our lives. That’s what we have control over on a regular basis, so as you’re moving into the new year, don’t think about goal-setting and creating your vision because you’re “supposed to” or because you “should” but because these are the things that bring you happiness on a regular basis. By getting back in touch with them you can improve your happiness level anytime you want.

My name is Jim McLaughlin and I invite you to get off the treadmill and GO somewhere…notice I didn’t say GET somewhere, but GO somewhere.