Returning to Wonder

Kids say “wow” a lot. They are surprised by life, over and over. Spend a day with a child and pay attention to how often they are amazed at the little things they hear, see, and experience. Kids are learning and growing every day, and often having new encounters.

The childhood wonder is innocent and beautiful.

Then, we grew up and…

The curiosity stops. Adults tend to live more on autopilot, thinking that we know how to handle just about every situation. We go through our days without wondering or curiosity. We already KNOW:

  • How to get by in the world
  • How the world is
  • How the government is
  • How this person is and that person is

And, of course, we already know how WE are. We are set in our identity and perspectives. Many adults aren’t thinking about discovery because they are so focused on achieving. The sense of wonder is lost.

What Patterns and Thoughts are Driving Your Life Experience?

Our so-called knowledge is rarely questioned. We accept our thoughts and perspectives as truth. As a result, we continue taking the same actions and treating people the same way day in and day out – and they do the same with us.

By the time we reach adulthood, most people are locked into a persona that was made up to engage with other personas. We are tied to our personality and identity, which shapes how we interact with the world.

Too often, it takes a big life experience (either good or bad) to wake a person up from the pattern. Something drastic changes… you start looking at things differently, which can often prompt a person to re-evaluate how they are living and interacting with others.

And every once in a while, we have moments of wonder that move us. Wonder brings up emotions, and these emotions have a ripple effect on choices, beliefs, and actions. We’ve caught a glimpse of a new world, a new way to live.

Changing Your Perspective and Outlook

At Effective Action Consulting, our goal is to help you see the world differently. What our work does is bring a sense of wonder to your world. Through mindset shifts and a unique approach to thoughts and goal setting, it’s possible to shift the trajectory. Change the actions you are taking now, and you will change the results.

Effective Action Consulting is here to help with your business and career goals. For more information, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how our services can make a difference in your life.