The Secret to Finding Happiness in the Everyday Grind

In Greek Mythology, Sisyphus was punished. The gods were angry with him, forcing him to push a huge boulder up a hill. He would complete the task, only to have the boulder roll back down at the end of the day. Over and over again… repeating this for eternity.

Sisyphus spent his days in painful, back-breaking work. Not only was it physically challenging, but he also faced the mental challenges of a seemingly pointless task. Imagine how lonely and disappointing it might feel to complete the task each day, only to start over from scratch again the next morning.

But there is a different way to look at this story. Philosopher Albert Camus shared the idea to imagine that Sisyphus was happy. Is it possible that he could be satisfied and living in happiness, despite the fact that he wasn’t making any progress? It seems counterintuitive that he would be happy or satisfied if nothing was changing and the effort was being wasted.

Happiness is Found in the Meaning

The truth is happiness is created within, and it starts with the meaning that we assign to circumstances and experiences. What is the meaning you are giving to your daily tasks? Does it feel like you are spinning your wheels, and happiness is just around the corner when you complete a specific goal or achievement?

Instead of waiting for happiness to come from external factors, look for ways to find meaning in the task. See how the daily toil is helping you become stronger and ready for other challenges that lie ahead.

Ups and downs in life/business are inevitable. It’s part of this human experience. Perhaps, a life well-lived is one in which we find meaning and purpose in even the smallest aspects of our daily routines.

As Camus explained: “The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart.”

We only have one life. Learning to maximize these experiences is key to feeling fulfilled and flourishing in the experience. The daily grind and routine activities that are a necessary part of your responsibilities can be stepping stones that help you grow through the process.

Support in the Journey

This story is an example – an insight into all of us. Even though it might feel like so much time is being spent in an effort that isn’t paying off immediately, the work isn’t meaningless.

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