Make Sure the Good Wolf Wins

There’s an old Cherokee legend: a grandfather is speaking to his grandson, telling him about life and he says. “Grandson, inside me there’s a battle going on between two wolves. One wolf is evil. He represents regret, resentment and anger, The other wolf is good. He represents love and joy and contribution. And that battle is not only going…

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Making Promises to Yourself

Often the most difficult promises to keep are the promises we make to ourselves. Maybe there’s a big project that we’ve been dreaming about that you know would make a big difference in your life your business. Maybe it’s sticking to your diet plan or maybe calling back that client that you’ve been working on…

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Seven Reasons You Need a Business Coach

No one really, honestly does their best on a challenge when they face it alone. Even if the only help they have is someone cheering them on from the sidelines, that bit of encouragement can make all the difference to overcoming the challenge or succumbing to defeat.

In a business situation, you might not have the luxury of confiding your vision, hopes, fears to one of your staff or even to a family member. At that point, who do you talk to? What happens when faced with the daunting task of firing someone, renovating your goals, or answering the question, “Where do I go from here?”

A business coach can be somewhat like a mentor, or a therapist, or even a treasured confidant. The goal is to find the coach who best suits your personality, can help move you and your dreams forward and will hold you accountable for milestones along the way.

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